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Tuesday, July 11, 2006 

Shampoo - Trouble (on TOTP)

Any true pop fan can tell you how legendary this girl group were, although they rarely seem to be mentioned without a reference to the Spice Girls. Here is a performance I'd never seen before I found it on YouTube, of Carrie and Jacqui performing their most famous single Trouble on the recently deceased Top of the Pops. Shampoo encapsulated the spirit of their time with garish outfits, tuneless singing and everything that annoys the boring old men who think they can manipulate the public into buying the subtle, sensible music they like. But pop music is the music of the youth and Shampoo represented teenage rebellion better than any 'controversial' rapper or drugged-out rocker. They were unique and overflowing with personality and, of course, girl power!

viva la megababes!

gone - but not forgotten...

i run a little shampoo blog called wash & go-go - pop by sometime and say hi!

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