Friday, December 16, 2005 

Will Young - All Time Love

Will has clearly decided that the next audience he wants to charm are philosophy teachers, as this looks like all of the films my philosopher has shown our class combined. This is no bad thing though - I love philosophy (not that this video really has anything to do with it) and artsy foreign-language films are super-ace, especially when they involve Will Young, a boy who slightly resembles Nathan from One Tree Hill, scary chanting, melodramatic courtroom scenes and old men eating ice creams. The last part is especially essential. In other Will news, doesn't this picture look like the cover for his first single? But actually it's from his 2006 calendar, which I most definitely need to buy because the pictures are lovely.


The Go! Team - Ladyflash

The vocals on this song don't kick in for quite a while, so I suspect that many people unknowing of the band's actual aceness might stop listening before the great bit arrives, and that would be foolish. The vocals sound very much like Junior Senior, which is a huge compliment considering the work of brilliance that is their latest album (only available in Japan and Scandinavia so far, but if you see it, buy it!). There is a bit of live footage within this video clip and although I wouldn't count the Go! Team as one of my absolute favourtie acts, it really makes me want to go to one of their gigs. They are great fun and cool to the extreme!

Sunday, December 04, 2005 

US5 - Just Because Of You

In looks, US5 are a total copy of O-Town, right down to a dread-locked Jacob-wannabe and a long-chinned Dan mk.2, except they replaced Erik with a pointless extra blonde boy. The problem is, they're not even as good looking as O-Town, and they weren't exactly the best looking boyband of all time in the first place. There really is nothing original about US5. If they think everyone's forgotten about the Backstreet Boys and Five doing the haunted house video well before they thought of it and far better too, they are quite mistaken. The BSBs wouldn't even release this as a b-side. US5 do have quite an interesting background, however. They are the latest project from Lou Pearlman, who I'm sure you all know as the man behind the BSBs, NSync and the aforementioned O-Town, and this time he's cut to the chase and instead of sending an American band to Germany to exploit their insatiable appetite for boybands, he's combined two Americans with two Germans and, quite randomly, a British boy. Like O-Town again, the band were formed on a reality TV show, this one going by the name of Big In America. As far as I know, this is the first time a Brit has been involved in one of Lou's projects, but hopefully he doesn't think that will make them popular over here, because that would be quite a mistake.

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