Thursday, March 23, 2006 

BWO - Temple Of Love

Bodies Without Organs are BACK and they may have had Eurovision snatched out from under their noses by a woman who refuses to admit that she has had sex despite the fact that she has given birth, but that does not stop them from being better than ever! This video is a little more sane than the previous BWO visual offerings, since it does make some sense with there being pictures of temples in the background, although I have absolutely no idea what table tennis has to do with it all - my only suggestion is that the "Love" in the title is in fact referring to tennis rather than a feeling of great affection, which would in fact make some sense if the words were "we are one love" as I first thought and not "we all want love" as I have been told they are. Maybe I was right and this is a song about tennis scores! It's a certainly an original choice of subject, that you can't deny. Martin looks equal parts beautiful and ridiculous, Alex provides us with some jolly smiles and Marina looks lovely if a little bit annoyed at having to do such ridiculous dance moves. But aren't all great things a little bit ridiculous?

Thursday, March 16, 2006 

Snow Patrol - You're All I Have

Those of you who haven't known me very long (or if this is your first visit any of my sites and you've noticed that everything is cheesy pop) will probably be very surprised to hear that I was a huge fan of Snow Patrol's last album. They do seem to get a lot of criticism from pop lovers, and I can understand why - they're not the most attractive of bands, they're not particularly familiar with the synthesizer and they tend to wear a lot of dark colours. However, somehow these random blokes manage to make really fantastic music, and when I'm calling music of this type "fantastic", it must be true. This is their brand new single, it's not much different to their last album's sound, but it doesn't sound like the stuff they did before which is the good news, cos that was as rubbish as I had expected their last album to be. Go on, give them a chance - you might just be converted!

Saturday, March 04, 2006 

Najoua Belyzel - Gabriel

What with Kate Ryan's fanastic Eurovision entry and now this, the Francophones are really outdoing themselves this year so far. This is the latest single by 24 year old French lady singer Najoua Belyzel, and it's absolutely excellent. In the video she dresses as an angel in search of a statue which I guess must be of Angel Gabriel. When she finds him she kisses him and he becomes real, but sadly the opposite happens to Najoua and she ends the video as a statue, just like that poor girl in Lionel Richie's hilarious Hello video.

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