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Saturday, March 04, 2006 

Najoua Belyzel - Gabriel

What with Kate Ryan's fanastic Eurovision entry and now this, the Francophones are really outdoing themselves this year so far. This is the latest single by 24 year old French lady singer Najoua Belyzel, and it's absolutely excellent. In the video she dresses as an angel in search of a statue which I guess must be of Angel Gabriel. When she finds him she kisses him and he becomes real, but sadly the opposite happens to Najoua and she ends the video as a statue, just like that poor girl in Lionel Richie's hilarious Hello video.

This is a great tune. She sings it well. I wish they had don't a bit more accurate lip sync'ing in the video though !

Looks like they forgot about the song and concentrated on the visuals..

Kate Ryan's a Flem, not a francophone. As her French pronunciation reveals. Hell hath no future like a Walloned Flem...

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