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Monday, February 27, 2006 

BWO - Voodoo Magic (LIVE)

To see the video scroll down past "Se allt från galan" to "Bodies Without Organs uppträder". This is a performance from a recent awards show in Sweden where BWO won Best Swedish Group, a fantastic achievement for a band whose first single, Living In A Fantasy, was hardly noticed by the Swedish public and their 2005 Melodifestivalen entry Gone failed to even get through the first round. However, their fortunes have been improving constantly since then, and this year - this week in fact - they return to Melodifestivalen for a second try with their brand new single (also the first release from their hotly anticipated 2nd album), Temple Of Love. I am more excited than words can say! I hope that any Swedes reading this will be kind enough to vote for BWO this weekend, and I in turn will be voting A LOT if they do become the Swedish Eurovision entry. Most of all I cannot wait to hear their new song, as I've not disliked a single thing they've done so far and I highly doubt I'm about to start now!

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