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Thursday, March 16, 2006 

Snow Patrol - You're All I Have

Those of you who haven't known me very long (or if this is your first visit any of my sites and you've noticed that everything is cheesy pop) will probably be very surprised to hear that I was a huge fan of Snow Patrol's last album. They do seem to get a lot of criticism from pop lovers, and I can understand why - they're not the most attractive of bands, they're not particularly familiar with the synthesizer and they tend to wear a lot of dark colours. However, somehow these random blokes manage to make really fantastic music, and when I'm calling music of this type "fantastic", it must be true. This is their brand new single, it's not much different to their last album's sound, but it doesn't sound like the stuff they did before which is the good news, cos that was as rubbish as I had expected their last album to be. Go on, give them a chance - you might just be converted!

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